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Powerful Residual Income Opportunity

Residual Income Opportunity

Exclusive proximity marketing Features

Exclusive proximity marketing Features

Constant update & Improvement

Constant update & Improvement

About Proximi-Fi

The world's first social exchange platform for proximity marketing with exclusive features as a new way to bridge online and offline experiences. Proximi-Fi is here to help businesses and brands leverage BLE (Bluetooth Enabled) beacon technology to deliver context rich experience to their end users globally. Whether these are shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores, customers at restaurants, prospects or users interacting with your business in a number of other ways, we are excited about the endless possibilities for enhanced client engagement with this incredible technology alongside the global residual income earning opportunity that it brings.

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How it works

"Tiny piece of Bluetooth wireless device known as Proximi-Fi beacons broadcast your promo messages along with an image and landing URL to android phone users within 100 yards Proximity in form of Push notification when their Bluetooth is turned on".


What Proximi-Fi users are saying

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Welcome to Our Company

Welcome Message

Congratulations for having taken a right decision in your life. You are joining the Company which is going to create HISTORY IN THE PROXIMITY MARKETING SPACE. We have brought about a LOW-COST CONCEPT that has the power to radically change your BUSINESS.

Who we are

Proximi-Fi is the project of iDiTech s.r.o, an EU-based Tech company inspiring and uniting team members with diverse backgrounds and deep professional expertise.

Our Vision

To be the leading platform in Proximity marketing space through development and implementation of various unique feaures which the world will appreciate

Our Mission

Our mission is to put high technology at the service of people and make the most of IT services to ensure that business around the world gets the best result of proximity marketing solutions we offer.